Katsucon ’13

Friday was pretty tiring for us because we weren’t used to travel to a different state by bus. We rode the Megabus early in the morning and arrived at Union Station towards the afternoon. We grabbed a bite and waited for our shuttle outside of Union Station. Our shuttle was supposed to arrive at 2PM but it never showed up!! We were panicking and ready to start crying because we thought we missed it or that we were waiting in the wrong place (we didn’t see any other con-goers waiting near us)..! We called Gaylord

Photo from Melen’s tumblr!

Hotel (they were the ones sending out shuttles) a couple of times to make sure we were waiting at the right place at the right time. Gaylord Hotel repeatedly told us that the shuttle is supposed to arrive at 2PM at the third lane outside of Union Station’s main entrance, and that the shuttle is a white bus with “Chariots for Hire” written on it. Miso and I decided that we would wait until 2:20 and that if the shuttle still doesn’t show up, we would just call a taxi. By 2:19, we started to grab our bags when my terrible eyesight spots a white bus coming around the corner. I asked Miso if that was it and she GRABBED ME. It was our shuttle(iДi)!!! We grossly sobbed as we got on the shuttle and admired what looked like the White House (we’re the best Americans ever…). An hour later, we got off the shuttle and headed towards the Gaylord Hotel~ We immediately spotted our friend, Melen and her amazing Kuroko no Basket group! We talked for a bit before heading up to our room to change into our cosplays; Nagumo Kaoru and Yukimura Chizuru from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (Made by Melen and Roora)! We wanted to attend Yaya Han‘s panel so we got changing right away. I have no idea why or how but we took FOREVER to change into the cosplays… We ended up missing the panel so we just wandered around the place trying to familiarize ourselves with the area. We now know our way around the con! After a ton of walking and taking pictures of other cosplayers, we changed out and headed towards CVS to stock up on food! We ate and did a little more walking around. At around 10 we watched our friends get dressed for the formal ball (⊙ヮ⊙). We originally were going to go but packing Miso’s Secret Black Vow dress and helping her get into/out of her dress is painstakingly troublesome… So we just decided to turn in early for the more busy and exciting, Saturday! I usually wake up early so I was in charge of waking up Miso who was in charge of waking up Melen who was in charge of waking up Kiku and her girlfriend (we all shared a hotel room) lol! We all got dressed and headed out. Miso, who was cosplaying as Morgiana from Magi, had to help Melen and Jia be their photographer for their shoot. I wandered off in my Jafar (from Magi) cosplay to eat my breakfast in the lobby. I talked with a few people who approached me for a picture and left after I finished my croissant. I met up with Aoi and we both wandered around until Miso finished shooting. After Miso finished, we all hung around the gazebo area waiting for Roora to call us for our Magi shoot. Roora eventually called us but it was to tell us that her other Magi group lost their Jafar cosplayer so they wanted me to be a replacement. We both knew cosplayers we admired were in Roora’s other group so I said “Yes” right away! It was time to make friends ლ(´ڡ`ლ)!! We met up with the Magi people and we hurriedly headed towards our photoshoot area…which was outside…in the snow!! Miso and Aoi stayed indoors since the group had a Morgiana and Aladdin cosplayer, and we didn’t want them to wait for us outside and risk getting sick! The shoot lasted no longer than 30 minutes and we all headed back inside, because we were all whining and moaning about how cold it was ORZ. We all ran back inside and collapsed on the floor, shivering. We all headed towards the piano area to wait for the rest of our Magi people! Miso later came back to us ( ノ; ▽ ; )ノ REUNITED! Emi (Alibaba) and M.ichi (Aladdin) had to leave for their other shoot, and Roora changed from Morgiana to Alibaba! I went to pick up our Sharrkan 535456_580758028619192_1035413975_nand Yamuraiha cosplayers and we all headed towards the gazebo area. The second photoshoot was pretty hectic because the person in charge of our group wasn’t there so no one knew what to do, and people from the Magi gathering started to crowd around us because they thought we were the gathering. Things started to organize itself a bit after we told the Magi gathering people where the actual location of the gathering was. We continued with our shoot until we all got hungry and half the group had to leave for another shoot. Miso and I went to eat our CVS bought food <3! We went back to our hotel room to pick up my sandwich, which was left on the windowsill because we didn’t have a fridge and I wanted to keep my sandwich cold. BUT MY SANDWICH WENT MISSING FFFF WHERE DID IT GOOOO….?!  Kiku, who happened to be in the room and heard us raging about my sandwich, told us that she put it in the fridge. Miso and I looked at her like “( ´_ゝ`)…..what?” She opened some magical closet and OUR FRIDGE HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG…… We all laughed at how stupid that was and sobbed at how stupid we were. We ate our dinner and headed towards the Artist Alley to watch Melen’s table for a bit. We got ready for our next Magi shoot (Saturday was definitely a Magi day)! While shooting, a Judal cosplayer joined us in the fun~ We did the shoot until it was late at night. Miso and I went back to our hotel room to relax a bit. Melen came back while we were relaxing and we told her about the fridge. Melen was all “(╯・∀・)╯︵ ┻━┻ THIS MAKES NO SENSE.”

Sunday was a chill day for us. We hung out at the Artist Alley the whole day, watching Melen’s table. We walked around the Merchant’s Hall for a bit and went back to our hotel room to get our stuff. (We were leaving really early so we wouldn’t be home too late!) Instead of taking the shuttle to Union Station this time, we took a taxi! We arrived at Union Station SUPER early because there was no traffic and because the taxi man was awesome! We ate our lunch at Union Station and got on the Megabus at around 2:40PM. We immediately fell asleep and slept through the whole ride! Once we’ve arrived in New York, I dropped my precious Jafar key chain figure ORZ!! We waited for everyone to leave so we could look for it on the bus. The bus driver saw us on the floor and offered to help us in our search ;A;! Miso eventually found it and UGHH SO HAPPY!! My dad picked us up from the car and we parted ways. In conclusion, Katsucon opened up a lot of opportunities for us and we made a lot of unforgettable friends!

Thanks for reading!


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